CDJ Christophorus Schulen Berchtesgaden


CJD Christophorus Schools Berchtesgaden – The Boarding School

Like a small mountain village, Germany’s alpine boarding school is located 1200 meters above sea level, high above the Berchtesgaden Valley. The surrounding peaks of the Berchtesgaden Alps form an imposing backdrop.

In these magnificent surroundings, 100 boarding school students live and learn – completely in line with the goals and values of the CJD. In addition to helping them develop into self-determined young people, we also support them in achieving their individual goals.

The weekly routine is clearly structured for the boarders and fits harmoniously into the school routine. There is a timetable and learning times as well as common boarding school activities and individual times for free activities. An individual weekly schedule is developed and worked out with each child and adolescent entrusted to us, based on their special needs. Fixed components of the weekly schedule are the common meals, learning times as well as changing sports and games evenings as an offer. Skiing, cycling tours, table soccer, billiards, cooking together and visits to the cinema are all popular leisure activities for the young people. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in the training of the local sports clubs and to get involved in sports such as soccer, wrestling, rugby or tennis.

What makes us special

  • We treat each other as equalsWe live a culture of co-determinationWe base our actions on the needs of the young people entrusted to us.We promote a self-determined lifeWe strengthen individual talents and interests

    We grow together in the face of challenges

    We live community and cohesion

    We take responsibility for society and the environment

    We identify with the values and goals of the CJD.

    Hybrid teaching or successful alternation between face-to-face and online teaching

“In the meantime, we are set up in the school and boarding school in such a way that a changeover to the digital form of teaching is possible within a very short time,” the principals of all school types are pleased to say. “Even though the last few hours have once again been challenging, we are now looking positively to tomorrow and are in a position to conduct lessons digitally from 8:00 a.m. according to the usual timetable,” continues Stefan Kantsperger, principal of the Gymnasium, as Berchtesgaden is hit by a lockdown virtually overnight in October Newly acquired loan equipment is to additionally ensure a smooth flow of online lessons.