CJD Christophorusschulen Berchtesgaden

Christophorusschule Berchtesgaden

The state-recognized school centre of the CJD Christophorusschulen Berchtesgaden serves a total of around 1,000 pupils, including about 150 boarding school students who live and learn in the Alpin-Internat at an altitude of 1,200 metres.

The Christian Youth Village Association of Germany (CJD) is a youth, educational and social work.

It includes:

  • a support centre for physical and motor development with primary and secondary education,
  • a secondary school,
  • a grammar school,
  • a technical high school and
  • a vocational school for child care (BFSK).

High up – at Germany’s alpine boarding school

The CJD Christophorusschulen Berchtesgaden offer:

  • Wide range of school development opportunities through six state-recognised school forms, from primary school to grammar school.
  • A wide range of leisure activities with a wide range of sports facilities.
  • A healthy learning environment in a unique location on the edge of the Berchtesgaden National Park.
  • A special nature experience, a lot of freedom of movement and a balanced diet.
  • A second home for well-being – free of hustle and bustle.

The CJD Christophorusschulen Berchtesgaden support competitive athletes and care for chronically ill children and adolescents. They are internationally known for this. The private sponsor of the school centre is the Christian Youth Village Association of Germany. (CJD). Further information can be found at the Munich Education Days.

              • Pupils: approx. 1,000
              • Special feature: living in boarding school possible
              • School form: all types of school represented (primary school to grammar school)