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What about inclusive education?

If the topic of digitalization is implemented as slowly in schools as the topic of inclusion, there is still a long way to go. One topic that has been on the education policy agenda in Germany since 2009 is the topic of inclusive education.

The view on human directing

  Interview _ Future researcher Tristan Horx on schools in the Here and now and the formation of tomorrow By Brigitta Wenninger Tristan Horx is ahead of his time. With great passion, because he is a researcher of the future and trend. The 27-year-old is from the famous future researcher family Horx and belongs to […]

How children and adolescents are suffering from the pandemic

53 percent of primary school pupils have almost no contact with teachers – COVID KIDS study by the Universities of Tübingen and Luxembourg.

Verena Pausder: Homeschooling

For all parents who are looking for support for homeschooling, Verena Pausder offers a comprehensive and very good overview.