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Stiftung Deutsche Landerziehungsheime Hermann Lietz

The Hermann-Lietz-Schools accompany students on their own identity

The three Hermann-Lietz schools are aimed at promoting the students and at the same time accompanying them individually on the way to their own identity.

The boarding schools Schloss Bieberstein, Hohenwehrda and the boarding school village Haubinda accompany the children and young people on their own identity and up to the Abitur. The boarding schools have very specific educational facilities and offer the areas of primary school, secondary and secondary school as well as technical secondary school and high school. All degrees are recognised by the state.

In addition to theoretical expertise, 110 girls and boys each receive the opportunity to identify and test their own strengths, talents and talents in extensive practical offerings in private schools. In the boarding school Haubinda there is also a full-time school, in which 280 children and young people are taught and looked after during the day.

Acquire learning skills at the Lietz-Internaten

The overriding premise: Instead of uncritical memorization and queried factual knowledge, knowledge transfer and character formation are inextricably linked in the Hermann-Lietz schools. With a unity of education, tradition and modernity, the boarding schools teach the adolescents one thing above all else: life competence. Students mature into resilient, confident and serene personalities, with the ability to self-reflection and self-observation.

In this combination, the teaching material is deepened, understood and later reminded and correctly applied. Holistic thinking, responsible action, confidence and self-confidence, mental flexibility and the courage to actively shape the future – all of this is the focus of the extensive school offer of the three Hermann-Lietz-Internate.

Find out more about the offer of the Stiftung Deutsche Landerziehungsheime Hermann-Lietz-Schule – at the Education Days In Munich.

  • Pupils: approx. 330 boarding school students / 280 day students in the Lietz boarding school village Haubinda
  •  Teachers: 99 (converted to full-time positions)
  •  Orientation: Economics, Music, Theatre, Crafts, Agriculture
  •  Special features: Reform pedagogical concept, E-International, 10. Class Gymnasium WiWi