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The Lietz boarding schools provide a teaching guarantee, even in the Corona era

In the case of prescribed school closures, the educators of the Hermann-Lietz-Schools teach online and personally supervise their students via video chat, telephone and email. The use of digital media has been a part of this for years as multimedia support in the Lietz boarding schools in the classroom. Digital education is linked to personal communication.

Each Lietz boarding school uses the digital forms of learning that best suit the respective teaching or educational path. Teachers use video conferencing services for virtual teaching, cloud solutions for individual assignments, various learning platforms or even self-made videos in primary school. Thus, the school material is fully conveyed even during a prescribed school closure.

The Lietz Internatsdorf Haubinda has installed 86-inch screens with touch display in all classrooms. Digital learning is practised here using state-of-the-art technology – also in homeschooling: With a PC, laptop or tablet, lessons can be followed live.

The high school at Lietz Boarding School Schloss Bieberstein works with iPads. If classroom instruction is not possible, all participants exchange ideas in a forum, use the videoconference room system for the presentation of lectures, for frontal lessons as well as for small group work supervized by the teacher.

The Lietz Boarding School Hohenwehrda uses a learning platform that is used throughout all grades. In home schooling, the exercises are made available in real time, and the teachers support the students directly in their tasks. The team of educators thus accompanies the learning process and thus ensures the usual care structure.

In addition to digital education, the Hermann-Lietz-Schools offer further educational advantages with a wide range of educational services: primary school, primary and secondary school as well as technical secondary school and high school. Children and adolescents are accompanied on their way to their own identity and up to the Abitur and receive individual support. All degrees are state-recognised. The board of hours of the Lietz boarding schools provides for more lessons per week than in state schools.

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