Gymnasium of the Benedictine Schäftlarn

Das Kloster Schäftlarn liegt südlich von München im idyllischen Isartal zwischen Grünwald und Wolfratshausen, nahe genug an der Landeshauptstadt, um deren reiches kulturelles Angebot nutzen zu können. Die Lage inmitten einer intakten Naturlandschaft ist eine ideale Voraussetzung für ein ungestörtes und konzentriertes Lernen.

Schäftlarn Day Boarding School and Full Boarding School – With tradition into the future

The Gymnasium Schäftlarn is located in the Isartal south of Munich between Grünwald and Wolfratshausen. A full-time school and boarding school offer students the best conditions to concentrate on preparing for the Abitur.

Education. Education. Pastoral care.

The pedagogical concept of the linguistic-humanistic gymnasium Schäftlarn is based on the foundations of the Christian conception of man as well as insights of modern pedagogy. It is based on the three pillars of education, education and pastoral care – just as King Ludwig I applied it to the Schäftlarner Benedictines in 866.

Teachers and educators teach their students knowledge and values based on the Christian West and European culture. Consideration, camaraderie and teamwork characterize everyday school life.

Successful – and happy

School ingesis is only successful if it is happy. For this purpose, the day of the students is rhythmic between lessons, leisure time and study. The class stays together in class, lunch, and study. As a result, the students grow together – and feel “at home” in the monastery.

Each class has a regular reference person who will assist students with questions and problems at all times. In a variety of leisure activities such as climbing, music lessons or theatre, students find a healthy balance to the lessons.

Would you like to get to know the gymnasium of the Benedictine Schäfterlarn? Then visit the staff at the Munich Education Days.

  • Total students: approx. 550
  • Language sequence: from class 5 Latin, from class 6 English, from class 8 French or Greek, from class 10 to class 12 Spanish
  • Optional subjects: Bee-AG, School Garden, Cooking, Scriptorium, Choir, Orchestra, BigBand, School Volume, Football, Handball, Ministre, Creative Workshop, India-AG, Research Team
  • Open Day: Saturday, 01. February 2020
  • Information evening on the crossing: Wednesday 19.2.2020 in the auditorium with taster acrobatics for the children
  • Trial day for primary school pupils: 10. March 2020, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with registration
    (Here and also on other days a trial overnight stay in the boarding school is possible)