Institute Schloss Brannenburg

Institut Schloss Brannenburg, staatlich anerkannte private Realschule in Brannenburg

The Institut Schloss Brannenburg at the foot of the Bavarian Alps offers holistic education under one roof. In the state-recognized private secondary school with boarding school, girls and boys experience an atmosphere in which learning is fun. Our dedicated educators ensure that every student can achieve strong performance.

Idyllic location

The Institut Schloss Brannenburg is located between Munich and Salzburg in the Inn Valley above the village of Brannenburg, surrounded by a picturesque mountain landscape.

School form and orientation

The Institut Schloss Brannenburg is a state-recognized private secondarInstitut Schloss Brannenburg, state-approved private secondary school in Brannenburgy school with the branches of economics and art education. The private technical high school offers the branches of economics and social services.

Sports facilities include horse riding, mountain biking, tennis, golf, athletics, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, water skiing, rafting, billiards and cycling.

In addition to the lessons, there is the possibility of collaboration in the various guilds such as model making, pottery, batiks, jewelry design, make-up, sculpture, computer workshops, creative design and drawing.

The Institut Schloss Brannenburg is looking forward to getting to know your daughter or your son at the Munich Education Days.

      • Number of boarding places: approx. 120
      • Profile compartments:
        Secondary school: Business Administration, Art Education
        Technical High School: Business Administration, Pedagogy/Psychology
      • Language sequence
        English, Compulsory subject
        French, elective from 8. Class
      • Group strength in boarding school: 8 – 12 students
      • Class strength at school:
        Lower level 8 – 12 students
        Intermediate 15 – 20 students
        High school 8 -12 students