Landheim Ammersee

Experience community. become a role model.

What is the most important thing that a school, and especially a boarding school, can give its students on their way of life? We believe: an attitude. Inner peace. And optimism.

In addition to an excellent education, a boarding school can also have a great influence on the development of children and young people through its community. In the course of their boarding school life, we teach our students a certain responsible attitude: that of the Landheim entrepreneur. By this we mean a young personality with a strong sense of community, with a high empathy, resource-conscious approach and above all with an optimistic vision of the future. Your child will be empowered to take responsibility and make decisions. For yourself and its environment, for organization and planning, environment and cost-effectiveness, companies and companies. A model of tomorrow.

Unique is our special location on Lake Ammersee in close proximity to the economically strong metropolis of Munich, which is also the capital of education and has an important cultural offer. The combination of metropolis and daily nature experience with the special tranquility at Lake Ammersee offers no other boarding school.

We lead children on an individual path to the Bavarian Abitur – from grades one to twelve. We rely on age-appropriate community concepts. For the younger ones, the topic of “experiencing childhood” is in the foreground, it is about friends and support, about playful development steps and to try out possibilities. We give the young people inner peace, they can find and invent themselves, experience themselves in sport or discover talents and interests. For the Abitur years, the focus will then be on individual future orientation with vocational and study counselling and personality formation in the sense of our Landheim entrepreneur.

We are particularly proud of our recommendation rate of over 75 percent. It shows that “being a countryman” is more than a school and boarding school stay. We are a community for children and parents with equal values and educational ideals. This community will continue beyond boarding school life.

Mission statement

The six values of helpfulness, sincerity, responsibility, justice, respect and openness are the pillars of our coexistence. Education in the Country Home is based on them. And they show who we are and want to be. They are a protective umbrella for the individual and at the same time give the necessary support to the community life.

School offer

Landheim Ammersee is a boarding school and day care center with primary school and two grammar schools. The state-recognized Ernst-Reisinger-Gymnasium has an economic and a new language orientation.
At the state-approved, innovative Julius-Lohmann-Gymnasium, students can also obtain the Bavarian Abitur, who are denied this despite their individual suitability due to the strict transfer regulations.


The Landheim meets the current challenges with Covid-19 with great care, professionalism and tradition.
Caution: Our differentiated hygiene concepts for schools and boarding schools go far beyond the AHA measures and therefore have great success.
Professionalism: Digital learning with MS teams not only enables more innovative learning in classroom teaching, but also allows seamless home (or boarding) schooling with a consistent timetable – and from day one. Hybrid situations can also be mastered well and efficiently.
Tradition: Our large, close-to-nature campus, small learning and housing units have always proven themselves pedagogically and enable a child-friendly, positive and motivating life situation right now.

There are probably few places where pupils – elementary and high school students – can experience so much protected normality, academic attention and joyful community as in the Landheim Ammersee.