Munich School Foundation – Ernst v. Borries

Münchner Schulstiftung Ernst v. Borries

“Children should be happy to go to school and learn without fear” is a principle of the non-profit Munich School Foundation – Ernst v. Borries.

This includes five institutions: the state-recognized Jan-Amos-Comenius Elementary School (Pasing), the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Kinderhaus with nativity scene and kindergarten (Pasing), the Lumberjack Waldkindergarten (Lochhausen), the state-recognized Obermenzinger Gymnasium and the state-approved private high school Dr. Florian Überreiter (Haidhausen).

Obermenzinger Gymnasium (since 1961)

The state-recognized Obermenzinger Gymnasium is a privatThe Obermenzinger Gymnasium Munich is a state-recognized economic and social science high school.e rhythmic all-day school with an economic-scientific and linguistic branch.

One of the two 5. up to 10. Vintage classes is a bilingual German-English class.

In these bilingual classes, the bilingual concept of our Jan-Amos-Comenius children’s home and primary school is continued.

The concept was developed a few years ago in collaboration with the Chair of Bilinguality at the University of Eichstätt and was accompanied in its beginnings. Three to five subjects are taught alternately in English every school year at Obermenzinger. The goal remains the Bavarian Abitur.
There is a special support for students with less knowledge of German.

Obermenzinger GymnasiumThe teaching takes place for all pupils in the two-teacher system, which means that in the lower and intermediate level, in addition to the specialist teacher, there is also a pedagogical assistant or in the bilingual classes a language assistant in the classroom, which the pupils are accompanied by through the everyday school life. homework time, breaks, excursions).

With our program ABI plus® (Abitur + Vocational Training) students have the opportunity to participate until the 11th to obtain a vocational qualification in the field of economics and/or/and multimedia. This is unique in Germany.

The canteen with two chefs who cook fresh and delicious every day is also very popular.

Get to know us on the open day:
13 March 2020, 2 to 5 p.m. or come to the info evening on 28 March 2020. January at 7 p.m.

Private High School Dr. Florian Überreiter (since 1955) 

The private high school Dr. Florian Überreiter in MuDr Florian Ueberreiter Private Gymnasiumnich-Haidhausen is a state-approved rhythmic all-day school with a scientific,technological, economics and linguistic branch.

The inclusion in the 5. Class does not start with an examination or the existence of a special grade cut of 2.33 as in public grammar schools, but with a detailed consultation with the school management. The individual personality of the child is decisive.

The family environment with small classes and the special status of the approved grammar school allow pedagogical freedom to promote children and young people accordingly and to open up opportunities.

Dr Florian Ueberreiter Private GymnasiumFor 28 years, our experienced teachers have successfully led students to the Abitur. We also prepare them intensively for this important examination in an internal test school. The actual Abitur examination is then taken in cooperation with a state school.

It is important to us that our students achieve a good school leaving certificate. On request, we can also support them with commitment in qualifying or in a middle school leaving certificate. And with our voluntary bridge class E11 in preparation for the Q11, we also offer you the opportunity to acquire the Abitur in 9 years now. By the way, it is also a good alternative for secondary school leavers to get to the Abitur.

We keep class sizes as low as possible. In order to ensure that our rhythmic all-day school has sufficient time and attention for the individual care and development of our students, we use pedagogical assistants. They accompany our students through everyday school life, are part of the lessons and also support them with their homework.

Our students also find support from our psychological and learning therapy team.

Article 53 BayEug is not valid at the approved grammar school. This means that advancement is made according to individual regulations and admission to grades 6 to 11 has no age restriction. Students from abroad are subject to a permanent guest student status.

Our information evenings will take place on 5 May. March and 7 March. May 2020 at 7 p.m.

“Education is the basis for a happy start to a self-responsible and fulfilling life.
Every child has the right to the best possible development of his or her entire personality. That is why, in addition to promoting intellectual capacity, we attach great importance to cultural education, the teaching of the fundamental values of our liberal democracy and the education of social responsibility.”

Dr. Ursula Berktold
Munich School Foundation – Ernst v. Borries

More information about the Munich School Foundation can be found at the Munich Education Days!

Obermenzinger Gymnasium

  • Students: 340
  • Teachers: 52 and 10 teaching assistants
  • Popular canteen where two chefs cook fresh every day
  • Open studio (works, painting, crafts) and open sports during lunch break
  • Info evening: Tuesday, 28. January 20 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Open Day: Friday, 13. March 2020 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Private High School Dr. Florian Überreiter

  • Students: 320
  • Teachers: 45 and 12 teaching assistants
  • Small classes
  • unlimited guest student status
  • Admission in grades 6-11 (without age restriction)
  • Advance according to individual regulations (BayEug Art.53 without validity)
  • Optional bridge class E11
  • Info evenings: Thursday, 5. March and Thursday, 7. May 2020 from 7 p.m.