Munich International School

Effective coaching in digital transformation

What else can a teacher teach that cannot be read or learnable on the Internet? Increased digital learning is a major change in the role and self-image of the teacher. He becomes a coach from knowledge broker.

In the school of the future, coaches no longer prepare students for clearly defined tasks – they help students learn skills that enable them to find creative solutions to challenges that no one can formulate today.

Digital and flexible

For more than 55 years, MIS has been convincing parents with its future-oriented and flexible teaching concept. Every student is equipped with a digital learning device: With around 500 iPads and 700 laptops, misiseism is a pioneer in digitalization – from primary school to a high school diploma. Even in times like these, it is possible to quickly switch from classroom teaching to hybrid or distance learning.

The mix makes it

The 23-hectare school grounds with their extensive sports and play areas combine breathtaking nature with state-of-the-art facilities. The Makers’ Lab, our school’s in-house design, printing and technology center, opened in 2018, allowing students to digitally design and implement their ideas.

“Coding & Robotics” is just one of the more than 70 afternoon activities, ranging from sports and games in nature to cooking and baking in our new student kitchen.

The holistic development of the student is made possible by a carefully compiled mixture of academic structure and unrestricted creativity. Through critical thinking, initiated communication and intensive cooperation, the children learn from an early age to approach the world with curiosity and fearlessness. On the basis of self-management, the students develop into physically active, mentally healthy and balanced young people. The results speak for themselves: With an average of 36 points, the 2020 graduation class has sometimes achieved the best IB score (IB = international Abitur) in the region, including two students with a full score of 45. In the same way, the MIS can be completed with the German Abitur.

The schools of the future

The Corona pandemic has presented schools with completely new challenges and influenced public discourse on the future of learning. Schools will not only need to create the technical conditions in the future, they will have to provide much more network competence and a profound understanding of digital change. Teachers are encouraged to adapt their pedagogical concepts and to deal with digital applications as professionally and naturally as with chalk and chalkboard. In this profound upheaval, there is only one constant: learning ultimately remains a social process that only works with communication and in exchange and coexistence – whether physical or virtual.

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