Private Gymnasium Pindl

Pindl Das Privat-Internat in Regensburg mit Privat Gymnasium PINDL Private Fachoberschule PINDL Private Realschule PINDL Private Wirtschaftsschule

A second home, strong education and strong performances.

Promoting their young people optimally in their personality and opening up the best possible opportunities for the future: this is the lived ambition of the Pindl school network. The combination with our boarding school promises the best conditions for this. Our conceptual structure takes into account the individual needs of the individual student and takes the benefits of living together.

The private boarding school PINDL – Learning and living together

The boarding school in Regensburg can accommodate 50 boys and 30 girls. Your children are looked after around the clock by pedagogical professionals. The visit to the boarding school is geared towards school success, the concept is based on close cooperation between parents, teachers and educators. Fixed structures in the daily routine give children and young people a safe frame and a protected space to develop. An age-appropriate and varied leisure time is used for personal balance and integration into the community.

An overview of the learning and living world of THPindl The private boarding school in RegensburgE PINDL schools:

  • Private Gymnasium PINDL
  • Private Technical High School PINDL
  • Private secondary school PINDL
  • Private Business School PINDL

The quality of school and teaching is a top priority, so the success of your children at school is at the heart of the institute’s pedagogical work. Digital learning worlds open up new ways of competence-oriented teaching.

Rhythmized teaching concepts and coexistence in a school and boarding school community promote valuable social behaviors. The personal development of the children is holistically accompanied, intensively supported and promoted by our pedagogical specialists.

In all our schools, school ingesis takes place in the afternoon under the guidance of specialists. The in-house Pindl kitchen is an integral part of everyday school life and provides a perfect setting for a balanced diet. Healthy, tasty and always with fresh and regional ingredients – that is the aim of the kitchen team. In the case of meals in the Community, the social aspects of coexistence are also emphasised. Courtesy and social manners are learned and lastingly pronounced.

PINDL schools. Ideal learning conditions and the necessary PLUS.

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• The boarding school can accommodate 50 boys and 30 girls
• Close cooperation between parents, teachers and educators
• in-house Pindl kitchen for a balanced diet