Private teaching institute Derksen

Small private teaching institute Derksen

Founded 60 years ago at the family table, the small private teaching institute Derksen is now a non-profit limited liability company and consciously continues to be one of the smallest grammar schools in Bavaria and, as the German School Award 2013 found out, one of the best schools.

Personal attention shapes the inclusive approach

State recognition has long guaranteed comparable quality. The family atmosphere creates a climate of commitment and personal care. The training of the overall personality is served by the focus on the musical-aesthetic, political and social education. The appreciation of the individual is at the heart of the effort to realize an inclusive approach that opens up participation for people with disabilities also in the gymnasium sector. According to the requirements of the Free State of Bavaria, the only limitations are the proof of gymnasium aptitude.

Education requires joint commitment

Diversity challenges students, teachers, parents and all those involved in the school family to deal with the differences and similarities in a wide variety of situations. Mutual understanding and the associated assumption of perspective are the basis for successful cooperation in teaching, in the committees and in school development. The framework conditions to be tailored to the needs of the individual while keeping an eye on the common goal requires space and an open attitude of all parties involved. At the same time, this means more pedagogical, methodical and didactic quality for all and enables social learning at a high level. The manageable size facilitates the communication of basic social values such as mutual respect, tolerance and fairness.

An awkward – cheerful place

Reading, media literacy lessons, class lessons in all grades and increased art lessons complete the timetables. Small classes are helped by a class management team, a pedagogical leadership, a socio-educational/social psychological support as well as a conscientiously selected and very committed teachers’ college. The participation of the students succeeds in the tutoring program, the active student co-responsibility (SMV) and in the school forum, in which representatives of all groups of our school family discuss and decide on important decisions for everyday school life and school development. Other special features: Inclusion guides advise colleagues, affected children and their parents on the topics of talent, migration background or disability; Our school is distinguished by its own school country home, student exchange programmes and a digital equipment of the school, which enables flexible changes between classroom and online teaching. Short distances and the manageable framework promote an open culture of conversation and encourage the exchange and acceptance of responsibility. The work of the school is supported by constructive-critical parenthood. The foundation supports projects and offers a taster course for the aspiring high school students before they cross, in which they can get to know the variety of subjects in the grammar school, the teaching principle about specialist teachers and the premises in a learning situation. The association grants a reduction in school fees. The attractive school building with very good facilities is barrier-free and easily accessible by public transport.