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SABEL Schools Munich - Private schools with modern school concepts for successful school leaving certificates - Qualified further education

Sabel RealschuleN Munich

Versatile and tailored to your child

  • Proven all-day concept for 20 years
  • Time for each child: Small classes, funding projects and lessons, teamteaching
  • Film class from the 5th – 9. Grade
  • SABEL Therapy Center for Dyslexia on the school’s own campus with timetable-integrated
  • Therapy lessons
  • In times of restricted school operations online teaching in almost all subjects

Here I feel comfortable!

Those who feel in good hands enjoy learning. That is the basic principle of our pedagogy. Our tied all-day school is characterized by rhythmization of teaching, practice, creative, movement and recreation phases. Partial performance weaknesses such as dyslexia are not a special case for us, but a daily routine. Due to our own therapy center on the school campus and the schedule-integrated therapy lessons, no student feels excluded anymore.

What our students really like

Learning is fulfilling and rewarding just when one’s own potential can unfold. In addition to high-quality specialist lessons, we offer a colourful and varied supplementary programme. Projects in the fields of sports, art, multimedia, music and theatre help our students to expand their knowledge. Our film class is a class in itself. From the 5th Until the 9th. Students learn camera technology, light, sound, direction and scriptwriting.

Learn languages, gain experience abroad. A two-week stay in England and a student exchange in exotic countries such as Oman or India ensure this.

Some children want more time

All children are different – and some just need more …. That’s why we offer two secondary schools in Munich. In both we take time for our students!  Time to explain, practice and deepen the teaching material; but also time for face-to-face conversations.  Our approved secondary school gives us even more pedagogical freedom. Children who have the potential for secondary school but receive too little personal support in the regular school system benefit from this in particular.


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SABEL Realschulen München, Schwanthalerstraße 5, 80336 München