Neubeuern Castle

Schloss Neubeuern von außen

Character strong. Unique. Open to the world.” – this is the slogan of the boarding school Schloss Neubeuern. Here, students from Germany and abroad strive for bavarian university entrance qualification.

Neubeuern Castle: School with a view

The modernly equipped gymnasium is located on the majestic Schlossberg in the heart of the village of Neubeuern near Rosenheim. Teachers are committed to preparing students optimally for the demands of our complex world. The boarding school Schloss Neubeuern gives them support and attitude – as a basis for a balanced, individual development.

Digitally connected and connected worldwide

The Galileo programme describes Neubeuern Castle as the “most modern school 

Neubeuern Castle - Logo

Germany” – because the high school students work with iPads and tablet PCs. An international coexistence ensures that the students get to know other cultures and open up to new things.

In addition, students learn the challenges the world faces in entrepreneurship lessons and the Horizonte program. The school wants to provide young people with the ideal setting to unleash their potential. It stands for:

  • Security and security,
  • high demands on the willingness to perform and
  • very consistent education with high values and social commitment.

The representatives of the boarding school Schloss Neubeuern will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their school at the Munich School of Education.

  • Students: 210, of which approx. 35% international from 22 countries
  • Educational staff: approx. 50th
  • Paperless lessons from class 9: Digital Ink Program