School of the future: personalised, interdisciplinary and collaborative

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School of the future: personalised, interdisciplinary and collaborative

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The completely new experience of home schooling has sparked a broad discussion about the future of school and teaching. In the general debate on education policy, the digitalisation of schools and teaching is at the forefront, due to a certain necessity. The answer to the question of what the learning and teaching of the future can look like is complex and complex.

We spoke to Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, Director of the Bavarian International School with around 1,150 students from 61 nations in Haimhausen and Munich. Their answer is a clear plea to understand and promote children in their individuality. “The future lies in personalised education. Put simply, this means that we pick up the children individually where they are to take them where they can go. Recognising strengths, promoting passions, conveying values, letting personalities flourish – that must be our credo. Educators are consultants, inspirers, development partners, enablers,” says the 55-year-old German-American, who has led the BIS since 2014. The days of stupid tinkering with knowledge are long gone. In a digitized, globalized world, the topics are complex and interlinked, so more interdisciplinary and collaborative learning must be learned.

“The development of children is not linear, interests and abilities differ significantly. In my view, this should lead us to approach the organisation of a school and the compilation of curricula with greater flexibility, courage and creativity. More specifically: an increased holistic, networked, common learning across class levels, the dissolution of classrooms and thus the use of flexible, interactive learning environments and, of course, the sensible use of technological possibilities,” says Dr. Chrissie Sorenson.