Small private teaching institute Derksen

Das Kleine private Lehrinstitut Derksen ist ein staatlich anerkanntes Privatgymnasium in München-Großhadern

Founded 60 years ago at the family table, the Kleine private lehrinstitut Derksen is now a non-profit limited liability company and deliberately continues to be one of the smallest grammar schools in Bavaria and, as the German School Award 2013 found out, one of the best schools.

Personal attention shapes the inclusive approach

State recognition has long guaranteed comparable quality. The family atmosphere creates a climate of commitment and personal care. The main focus is on the formation of the overall personality, with the focus on the aesthetics, political and social education. The appreciation of the individual is at the heart of the effort to achieve an inclusive approach.

Education is growing

Diversity requires addressing and meeting the needs of the individual student. At the same time, this means more pedagogical, methodological and didactic quality for all and enables high-level social learning. The manageable size facilitates the teaching of basic social values such as mutual respect, tolerance and fairness.

An awkward – cheerful place

Reading, media literacy lessons and increased art lessons complete the lesson boards. Small classes help a team of class leaders, a pedagogical leadership, a socio-educational/social-psychological support and a carefully selected teacher college.
Other special features: Special accompaniment of children with a high talent, migrant background or disability; own school country home and student exchange programmes. The work of the school is supported by constructive-critical parenthood.  The foundation promotes projects and offers a taster course before crossing. The association grants a reduction in school fees. The attractive school building with very good facilities is barrier-free and easily accessible by public transport.

Visit the booth of the Kleiner private teaching institute Derksen at the Munich Educational Days!

        • Students: 250
          Teachers: 35
          Orientation: linguistic, scientific-technological