Smart toys in the children’s room


Smart toys in the children’s room

12 Dec 2020 Comments Closed 225 Views

Christmas and bright children’s eyes – what could be more beautiful? While it’s obvious that parents want to avoid disappointment on Christmas Eve, it’s important to take a closer look when it comes to desires for connected toys. Talking dolls, mini-robots, intelligent games that respond to the environment and, above all, to their counterparts with the help of built-in software, open up completely new game dimensions with the possibility of interaction. They can also specifically promote children’s learning processes and are sometimes a means for parents to enable children to use digital tools in a playful way for children. This is one side, but the downside: there is a possibility that privacy will be violated and data such as audio files will go unnoticed into the net.  

The Federal Network Agency therefore strongly points out in the run-up to Christmas that parents carefully read everyday items such as .B smart watches, product description and data protection regulations when purchasing smart toys as well as connected everyday items.  “Smart toys often look harmless. However, as soon as they can record sound or image unnoticed and transmit this data, they are forbidden,” says Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency.

Valuable information about the handling of smart toys can be found on the pages of the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology) as well as on the pages of the Family Guide.