Study abroad: This country is the most popular

Auslandsstudium zwischen Bergen, inmitten einer herrlichen Landschaft – für viele ein Traum. Ein Traum, der sich in verschiedenen Ländern gut verwirklichen lässt. Zum Beispiel in Österreich, das bei deutschen Auslandsstudierenden das mit Abstand beliebteste Land ist. Foto: PantherMedia/Robert Neumann


Study abroad: This country is the most popular

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There are many reasons to choose to study abroad. Because international experience is in demand, and many employers appreciate that. Moreover, studying abroad is fun. Because you get to know new approaches to your own subject, other cultures and people. You can also improve your language skills.

For many, an Erasmus semester at another university has long been a fixed part of their studies. At the moment, however, the Corona crisis is limiting the possibilities. Whether a stay abroad is feasible for students or not depends on the current travel regulations and the regulations of the respective university. One country has been by far the most popular among German students in recent years: Austria.

Neighboring country in first place for study abroad

The neighboring country has already achieved this result eleven times in a row. This is according to a report published by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) at the end of 2020. In 2018, 29,100 Germans studied at Austrian universities. The fact that these are so popular with German students is also due to the fact that the higher education systems of Germany and Austria are similar in key characteristics.

The second and third most popular countries for studying abroad were the Netherlands with 21,300 and the United Kingdom with 15,300 German students. Just under half (49 percent) of the total of 135,300 German students studying abroad were enrolled in these three countries, according to a press release from the Federal Statistical Office.

Compared with the previous year, the number of German students abroad fell by 3.8 percent, it said. “This development is mainly due to methodological changes in the data for Switzerland and France,” it adds. For every 1,000 German students at German universities, there were 53 German students abroad, it said.

Choice of study location is related to field of study

The Destatis report also shows that the choice of study location for students abroad is often closely related to the field of study. “Social sciences, journalism and information studies” – for example, this was the most popular subject group among German students in Austria. It was chosen by just under a quarter of students (24 percent). A further 18.3 percent chose a course of study in the subject group “economics, administration and law”. 12.2 percent opted for “Health and Social Services.”

In the Netherlands, this subject group was also the most chosen by one-third (33 percent) of German students. In the United Kingdom, subjects in the area of “business, administration and law” were highly popular with just under a quarter (24 percent) of German students.

Studying medicine in Lithuania, Poland and Hungary

The report also shows that students of human medicine are often drawn to Eastern Europe. The reason for this is that there are strict admission restrictions in Germany in the field of human medicine due to the limited number of places available. These restrictions do not exist in other countries. According to Destatis, more than 60 percent of German students were enrolled in human medicine in Lithuania, Poland and Hungary, and 47.5 percent in the Czech Republic.

Brigitta Wenninger