Summerschool – Hermann-Lietz-Schools

Summer school in the Hermann-Lietz-Schools

In the summer of 2021, the Hermann-Lietz-Schools will offer three summer schools at different locations with different focal points.  From 31 July to 14 August, interested students at the Lietz Boarding School Schloss Bieberstein have the great opportunity to prepare for high school, to fill any gaps and thus to strengthen their entry into the upper secondary school. Recreational activities are integrated into the process and so, by the way, boarding school air can be sniffed. All information about the Summerschool “Fit for the high school – with Lietz!” can be found here

The Summerschool also takes place at the Lietz Internat Hohenwehrda from 31 July to 14 August. Students from grade 4 onwards can already take part here, who not only want to train maths, English, German, but also want to bring a special interest in theatre and try out their acting skills. The focus is on a theatre workshop under the guidance of an experienced theatre educator. Leisure activities are also integrated into the programme as well as the opportunity to get to know the life of a boarding school. All information about the Summerschool “Fit for the new school year – theater and more” can be found here.


The Lietz boarding school village Haubinda will host the summer school “Bauern-Schlau” from 01-13 August 2021. An extensive recreational program as well as the supervision by the pedagogical team of the Hermann-Lietz-Schule Haubinda shall offer the students of grades 4-9 fun and a little insight into boarding school life. To deepen the knowledge in the school subjects – especially English, German, mathematics and learning to learn – and to recognize and possibly close possible gaps in individual subjects, as well as to get to know the boarding school life during many leisure activities in and around the boarding school village Haubinda, are in the foreground. The summer school “Bauern-Schlau” has a maximum of 30 places, so register quickly. For more information about the great vacation program at Lietz Internatsdorf Haubinda, click here.