The Learning Team

Das LernTeam

Successfully learn with fun!

The LernTeam is a private educational institution based in Marburg an der Lahn. Founded in 1997, the company is active in the following areas, among others:

Holiday camps for students

The learning team from Marburg - learning camps, holiday courses, gern-learning-seminars, tutoring and coaching for students, parents, families, teachers and in companies.

These camps take place in different locations in Germany at all holiday periods. Pupils are taught in the subjects of learning methodology, rhetoric and school main subjects. In addition to the lessons, the students take part in an extensive leisure program.

Current course locations are the boarding school Birklehof in Hinterzarten, the boarding school Steinmühle Marburg, the boarding school Hohenwehrda near Fulda as well as the youth hostels Possenhofen/Starnberger See, Schloss Waldmünchen, Ratzeburger See and Freusburg near Siegen.

Gern-learning-seminars for students and parents

These seminars take place on weekends. The LearningTeam organizes them either themselves or companies (e.g. Boehringer, Lufthansa, Allianz, Robert-Bosch, etc.) bring the learning team into the house. Parents and children learn important learning and working techniques, concentration, motivation and communication aids in parallel seminar groups – with the aim of learning independently and independently.

School events

The learning team is also a guest in schools and offers not only parent lectures on the topics “motivation”, “homework” and “handling media” as well as learning methodology and rhetoric seminars in primary and secondary schools.

Further offers and additional information are at:

Does that sound interesting to you or your child? Then take a look at the Munich Education Days at the LernTeam!

      • Pupils: approx. 1,000/year
      • Teachers: 50 trainers: students, trainees and teachers
      • Specifics: Teaching in learning methodology, rhetoric and subjects mathematics, English, French, Latin and German
      • Special features: Learning methodology training, fit for transition to class 5, preparation for rehearsal lessons, rhetoric training, motivation camp, English camp
      • Events: Holiday camps, student-learning seminars, company seminars, coaching training, teacher training
      • Location: Headquarters in Marburg, locations of the holiday camps in Possenhofen/Starnberger See, Waldmünchen/Bayerischer Wald, Birklehof/Hinterzarten, Steinmühle Marburg, Schloss Hohenwehrda/Fulda, Ratzeburger See, Freusburg/Siegen