Verena Pausder: Homeschooling

Verena Pausder: Homeschooling

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Since the beginning of the school year, teaching has been quite a slippery-cross for pupils, parents and teachers, and we are a long way from returning to normal. The change of presence and hybrid teaching has so far only been made for quarantine reasons, and is expected to worsen with the development of the pandemic. Parents looking for complementary home-schooling services will find a comprehensive and very good overview of existing digital education on the website, which Verena Pausder launched during the home schooling phase in the spring.

As a multiple founder, Verena Pausder, with Fox and Sheep and Haba DigitalWerkstatt, has already dedicated herself to the topic of digital education for children several years ago. With the founding of Digital Education for All (2017), it is also an outstanding driver of equal opportunities access to digital education. She also addresses her heart’s theme of digital education in her book The New Land, published in autumn 2020 – what is going on now, for which she recently received the Entrepreneur Book of the Year award.

Her motto is to do instead of talking or as she says: “do more, complain less“. It is also symptomatic of the fact that in June 2020 it launched Europe’s largest educational hackathon #wirfuerschule, where more than 6000 education experts, teachers, pupils and pupils have worked together on projects for tomorrow’s school. The current situation in education sums it up when she writes: “We know enough and we do too little.”

About the person: Verena Pausder is founder, managing director, investor, activist, supervisory board member and author. On Linkedin, she is one of the 10 top influencers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2020, and recently received the special company award as Xing Top Mind 2020.  In 2016, she was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and in 2018 Forbes included her in the list of Europe’s Top 50 Women In Tech.