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The past few months during the pandemic have taken a toll on students, teachers and parents. In private schools, too, students spent many weeks in front of the computer in distance learning classes. We talked to Gerhard Helgert from the Association of German Private School Associations about his experiences and expectations for the school after […]

Psychology studies are and remain in demand

Studying psychology is and remains a coveted goal for many. The rush for study places is correspondingly high. The application procedure is usually based on the numerus clausus (NC), so anyone who wants to study psychology in Germany needs a very good grade point average. However, those who do not have this should not bury […]

Sustainability in universities and colleges

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. For example, more and more companies are trying to produce in an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral way and to act in a socially just manner. And many universities are now taking up the cause of sustainability. This is particularly visible in the area of teaching: Every year, new courses of […]

More than just teaching

For over a year now, people have been struggling with the effects of the Corona pandemic. Providing education has also become more difficult. However, boarding schools and private schools have come through the crisis relatively well so far. Agile and flexible, they have quickly adapted to the new challenges and constantly changing regulations. and constantly […]

Digitization as a challenge

The ongoing digitization in the economy and in workplaces poses challenges for vocational education and training. The new annual report of the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI) explores what these challenges are. The report was recently presented virtually to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Among other things, it shows how important it is to […]

Study abroad: This country is the most popular

There are many reasons to choose to study abroad. Because international experience is in demand, and many employers appreciate that. Moreover, studying abroad is fun. Because you get to know new approaches to your own subject, other cultures and people. You can also improve your language skills. For many, an Erasmus semester at another university […]

Distance learning: experiences and outlook

How distance learning can help schools meet the challenges of the Corona crisis was the subject of a survey of school principals throughout Germany. The responses were incorporated into the study “Continuity and Change in Schools in Times of Crisis” (KWiK). Initial results show a positive picture. However, they also make clear that there is […]

JUNIOR school project enters the next round

JUNIOR programs enable students to acquire the basic principles of entrepreneurial activity and core social and technical skills. The motto here is: Experience business. The young people learn and test the basic principles of entrepreneurial activity together and acquire the core social and technical skills they need for their future careers. JUNIOR has been established […]

New courses of study at Bavarian universities

New courses of study at Bavarian universities and colleges are gearing up for the future: A course of study that keeps you in tune with the times – that’s what many young people want. For them, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on the range of new courses on offer. This is because colleges […]

MINT compartments are becoming increasingly interesting for girls and women. Girls are just as good as boys in subjects like math, chemistry and physics. They have an enormous amount of potential – but don’t always build on it after school. Unfortunately, this means that all their talent often goes unused. At the same time, the […]