Abbey Schäftlarn


Learning, living, growing together

Schäftlarn High School is beautifully situated in the Isar Valley between Grünwald and Wolfratshausen. It is part of Schäftlarn Abbey and can look back on a long history. The grammar school is one of the oldest schools in Upper Bavaria and has successfully led several generations of students to the Abitur. An all-day school and a boarding school offer students the best conditions to prepare for the Abitur in a concentrated manner. The school management makes every effort to ensure that the students are well prepared for their final exams. Training courses during the Easter vacations are just one way of doing this.

The pedagogical concept of the linguistic-humanistic Gymnasium Schäftlarn is based on the Christian concept of man as well as on the findings of modern pedagogy. A sense of responsibility, team spirit, respect for life and nature, and consideration are at the top of the list of values to be taught. Non-Catholics are also welcome at Schäftlarn High School and currently make up about 40% of the student body there.

In its scholastic and educational work, Schäftlarn High School and Boarding School takes a holistic approach. The educational work here is not only done by teachers or educators, but always by so-called class teams, which consist of the teaching teachers and the supervising educators in the all-day program. The principal, Mr. Sagmeister, expresses this as follows: “At least 50 percent of the school work is educational work and this work in the all-day as well as in the boarding school is of extraordinary value”. The permanent exchange between teachers and educators in the all-day program also creates pleasing synergy effects for everyone involved.

Thus, the entire work in the grammar school and boarding school is based on the three pillars of “learning, living and growing”. The students are not only taught academic content and qualifications, but they also experience a space that offers them opportunities for development and a sense of togetherness that allows them to mature and grow. In essence, it is about giving all students the tools they need to become well-educated, but above all, responsible and strong personalities.

Even in times of the Corona pandemic, the top priority for the Schäftlarn Grammar School and Boarding School is to ensure that as many students as possible are taught, cared for and supported. To ensure that this succeeds, all available space is used to the full, and a sophisticated hygiene concept ensures spacing and protection. In addition, the spacious break yard also offers opportunities for lessons in the fresh air. Should a school closure be unavoidable despite all precautionary measures, Schäftlarn already has complete concepts for digital instruction.