Once around half the world


 Once around half the world

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Travel the world for half a year and not miss any of the school material?  Simply leave school behind, experience the world as a place of learning instead, and at the same time master the subject matter provided for in the curriculum? Sounds tempting, but how can that work?

A few years ago, the Hermann-Lietz-Schule Schloss Bieberstein launched “Schule auf Reisen – E-International”, an unusual project that enables students entering the upper school to spend an organized and structured time abroad within the regular school period. Accompanied by a coach, the students travel to three continents for six months, and the respective lessons are taught geographically by means of e-learning. As project coordinator Robert Miebach explained in an interview, this can look like this in practice:  Religious instruction takes place in Nepal, economics and mathematics in India and Dubai, English in South Africa, art and history in Italy, and biology during the agricultural project in Spain. In addition, environmental projects are organized, local companies are visited, and students are actively immersed in culture, sports, art and history. Examinations take place at the prescribed intervals.

So far so good, but what does it look like in times of a global pandemic? In 2020/21, 5 students – including one external participant – were abroad in Europe. For E-International 2021/22 the radius has been widened again and the itinerary is planned as follows: Germany, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, South Africa. However, the top priority for the Hermann-Lietz-Schule is the safety of the participants. Therefore, the itinerary can be adjusted in view of the current pandemic situation in the respective country.

E-International always takes place from August to the end of January of the following year. Participation is also possible for external students from Bavaria and other German states. The only requirement is that external participants need permission from their school and must be released from classes for the duration of their stay abroad. The experience abroad has its price, scholarships to cushion the costs are possible through the Hermann-Lietz-Schulen Foundation and the Foundation Education and Youth. Detailed information and testimonials about E-International can be found on the website or can be read in the brochure of the same name.